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23rd April 2018 
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A brief history of Arram Kong

Arram is of Chinese origin from Singapore and has lived in London most of his life. He was educated at Public School in Dover and after his college education, was articled to a firm of Chartered Accountants. His early careers were very varied, ranging from being a croupier, working as a negotiator in an Estate Agency, selling home improvement products professionally, and finally running his own business for over 20 years. He was fortunate enough to retire at the age of 45.

Coming out of retirement and returning back to business a change in direction happened. Arram was stripped of all his material wealth including a drift with his family unit. This led him to ask himself certain questions. “What was life all about” How can someone be successful most of his life suddenly lose everything. If there was a God up there then s/he was unfair! Arram was playing the role of the victim! Why him! Poor him!

In fact, this was the start of his true beginning. Arram was always meant to be a healer and teacher but during his earlier days he was too busy accumulating wealth to take any notice of his higher guidance. It was only when Arram was stripped of everything that he was forced to face himself and the purpose of life. If you had asked him prior to 1994 if he would ever be a healer and teacher he would have certainly laughed at you, as it would have been furthest from his then reality.

Since becoming a healer and teacher, Arram has devoted his life being an avid student of life. His life’s purpose now is to help others better understand how they can learn to heal themselves and lead healthy lives. His spiritual quest and use of Reiki and energy medicine has transformed his life.

Arram believes that everything in life has to evolve. Everything has to go through a process of change. It is with this belief that he has expanded his skills in healing and has developed his own style of healing and teaching.

When working with Arram he explains in simplistic terms of our early beginnings; how our parents/guardians moulded us to be the person we are today and how we inherited the majority of their beliefs and behavioural patterns. His book “It’s OK Not to be OK” portrays an alternative perspective about life and explains why ‘We are first Energy Beings rather than Humans’ and the process ‘Energy Follows Thoughts.’ These provoking statements are explored to a conclusion that ‘We become what We think!’ and that the underlying cause of dis-ease is created by us. He further explains that if we create our dis-ease, then we can also heal our dis-ease.

Arram’s healing background & other qualifications

During the past six years Arram has worked with various charitable organisations as well as his own practice. He has been with Turning Point, Patron HRH The Princess of Wales, (The Southall Alcohol Advisory Service SAAS) based in Southall, Middlesex for four years. At SAAS, he counselled and treated clients who suffered from drug and alcohol addictions, co-dependency problems, stress, anxiety, depression, phobias, aggressions, anger, bereavements, personal problems, lack of confidence, panic attacks, communication problems, lack of motivation, and physical problems. Arram has also worked at the Kamus Clinic in Harley Street as an Energetic Practitioner, has his own practise in Wembley and practises at the The Hidden Alternative in Finchley in North London.

In the early part of his healing career, Arram achieved some amazing results, but there were some clients he noticed were not healing successfully. This puzzled him and led him to research why some people healed and others didn’t. As a result of his extensive research whilst working with all his clients, Arram was inspired to formulate his very own specific style of therapy, involving a number of other alternative therapies. With his new style of treatment, he has sees a higher success rate with clients. His process involves him connecting at a very deep level with past emotional trauma that causes actual physical, emotional and energetic blockages.

Arram Kong (Dip L.S.I. EFT-ADV) is an Energy Healer and teacher with over 25 years experience in self-development work. He is a highly developed healer and uses dynamic higher dimensional healing techniques, including sound, crystal and accelerated Reiki Master’s techniques.

Arram is a Reiki Master, certified teacher of the Louise Hay Philosophy “You Can Heal Your Life”, a NLP practitioner (The Art and Science of Human Excellence), therapist and metaphysical counselor. He is a graduate from the London School of Iridology and a Certified Taoist Practitioner. He has been through intensive training with a leading Taoist Master in Thailand who has handed down his most sacred and closely held Taoist practices, formulas and methods of internal alchemy. Arram is also a certified practitioner of Reconnective Healing and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Meridian Therapies.

Arram conducts private sessions and group workshops in London teaching the contents of his book “It’s Ok Not to be OK”.

Arram has taught courses on ‘How to heal your Life’, NLP coaching for beginners and intermediates, advising businesses and teaches about healing energies. He has integrated all his experiences to formulate very powerful healing courses enabling students to have a greater understanding of healing and counselling as well as helping them to become Energetic practitioners.

By explaining how energy, emotions and organs are related (an old Taoist teaching) clients begin to understand more about themselves and start their healing processes. With this information, a health programme can be developed which is tailored to the specific needs of the client, thus preventing the manifestation of disease.

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