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23rd April 2018 
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Welcome to the website of Arram Kong, based in Wembley Park, north London and also working internationally. Energy Healing, Reiki & EFT for north London.

Free yourself from dysfunctional unconscious patterns, physical and emotional pains & diseases. FREE 30 minute consultation, available face-to-face or by Skype.

Fed up with your current situation? Need answers and Help?


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Whatever your challenges are - physical, mental, emotional, financial, or whether you are just curious - Arram is able to assist you. With 22 years’ experience he says this with confidence and has helped countless people in similar situations to yourself.

Most people on this planet amble along daily not realizing that they actually have negative beliefs. They assume that this is how life is, until those beliefs become so painful that disease sets in and they then begin to look for ways to restore balances to their unhealthy bodies and minds. This is known as a wake up call in spiritual circles.

At this point we can decide to take action to change, or if we don't the inevitable happens; disease, dis-harmony, dysfunctional relationships or financial losses. We get shifted out of our comfort zone into pain and fear. It is like a warning in a car; a red light signal informing us that something is wrong with the engine.

Now for the good news: pain and fear are our friends. If we created our energy misalignment and our diseases through dis-empowering thinking and behaviour, we can also reverse the process and undo it and become whole again. So if you are in the right place at the right time and your red light is blinking there is something not aligned with your energy field, causing you to resist abundance in every area of your life and your true self, which is capable of healing at every level when in balance.

Take Control of Negative Beliefs

Working from Wembley Park in north London and also online, Arram offers you the state of the art in Energy Vibrational Healing, also working with Reiki & EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). He is able to explain how we become ill, what the causes of illness are and how we can heal ourselves. What dreams, angels, spirit guides, entities, ghosts, ETs, past lives, alternate dimensions, parallel universes and the paranormal are and why some people can experience these phenomena, while others cannot.

Arram is able to explain why you are in your situation now and how you are able to overcome your powerlessness, misfortunes or illnesses. The past will be history. He can show you a way forward and empower you to design the life you want.

Arram’s Free 30-minute Consultation

Arram recommends that you first try his free 30-minute consultation (either face-to-face for locations in north London, or online via Skype), where he will demonstrate to you how Energy Vibrational Healing works and explain that you are able to heal yourself. Everyone has this power, but unfortunately most of us have been conditioned to believe that it is not possible.

After your free Energy Healing, Reiki or EFT session you can decide whether you want to continue further, to create abundance in every area of your life by making an investment in your personal development and growth through further paid sessions.

About Arram Kong

Arram Kong is author of two books: "It's OK Not to be OK" and "Jump Start the Healer in You". He is an experienced qualified counsellor and energetic practitioner, specialising in making everyone aware of their own innate healing powers, personal growth and human development.

He has spent the past 22 years researching energy medicine, Reki and EFT and has developed his own special blend of teaching, putting ancient knowledge into modern day language. He facilitates as the ‘jump leads’ that can kick start your battery when it is low, to help start your engine up again.

His teachings are founded on Ancient Taoist, Eastern Esoteric knowledge and modern practices of healing energies, which are connected with the same ancient knowledge discovered thousands of years ago known as Prana, The Force, Chi or Universal Energy.

Arram never professes to be the healer, as he believes that we all are truly capable of healing ourselves. He knows that we all have the power within to heal, whatever challenges we have to confront. Arram proves that healing is not complicated and no matter what your troubles are he will be able to guide you in your personal journey.

Energy Healing, Reiki and EFT are able to help with a wide variety of problems:

Addictions - Allergies - Anger - Anxiety - Blocked Grief - Breathing Problems - Back Aches - Chronic Fatigue - Depression - Degenerative Diseases - Eating Disorders - Emotional Traumas - Exam Nerves - Fear of Fear - Health Problems - Panic Attacks - Phobias - Relationship Issues - Relief of Physical Pain - Stress - Sexual Abuse Issues - Weight disorders.

The above are only some of the issues that Arram deals with, and only the tip of the iceberg of our diseases.

Contact Details:

Arram Kong Dip L.S.I. EFT-ADV

2 Corringham Road
Wembley Park, Middlesex,
North London HA9 9QA

Mobile: 07958 586827
"CLICK HERE" to email Arram.

Arram Recommends Some Daily Rules to Abide By For a Healthier & Positive Life:

  • Remember to breathe consciously and deeply 24/7.
  • Everything is neutral and meaningless until you give it your meaning; Positive or Negative!
  • Make no judgement (every judgement made causes one to lose energy)
  • Everybody is right in their opinion, but it is not the truth. Therefore allow everyone to be right from their point.
  • Have no expectations, this way you will always be surprised.
  • Give up the need to know “why things happen as they do.”
  • Trust that the unscheduled events in your life are a form of spiritual direction.
  • Have the courage to make the choices you need to make, accept what you cannot change and have the wisdom to know the difference.
  • Resistance creates a barrier; acceptance dissolves it. Unless one accepts what has happened without resistance, one will never find the answer one seeks.
  • Unless you are happy now, you will never find happiness. So if you are not happy now, stop trying to find happiness in the future and bring your attention to the present moment. That is where your happiness is.
  • Practice gratitude daily.

    Arram Kong offers Energy Healing, Reiki and EFT treatments in North London. Energy Healing for Wembley,

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