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Treatment with Arram

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Treatment with Arram

Arram begins the session with an initial period of discussion and evaluation to clarify the various issues that will be addressed. During the consultation he explains how the client has depleted their life force “Chi” or “Prana” (these are eastern terms for “universal energy”) and has caused an energy misalignment ( energy blockage in old understanding) in the body’s system. This has resulted in the client becoming initially fatigued, followed by chronic fatigued and then experiencing pain and depression, which eventually leads to a dis-ease. If this process is not attended in the long term a degenerative disease sets in. He further explains that the client has created this through their lifestyle and that they can heal themselves by correcting their lifestyles.

Arram explains how he will teach the client several techniques including meditation and understandings , to clear the client’s misalignments and create the reality they wish. He then uses his intuitive perception to assess the client’s Energy Fields and begins the process.

He works with the client for about an hour or two whichever the client chooses, and after the session will discuss with the client how differently they feel after the session and what they have learnt about themselves. Further treatments are discussed and homework is given to the client until the next session. This is really dependent on the client as to how far they want to take their healing. Arram has no intention of having the client becoming dependent on him. He wants the client to be self reliant and to be able to address their issues once they have learnt how to.

All Clients have the same basic problem. A misalignment in their Energy field, (A depletion of life force energy “CHI” therefore causing them a myriad of dis-eases) .Some may just need one session whilst others more. Also, the client will be able to self treat and help members of their families after learning the technique themselves.


Skype Video CallS £40 per hour (BY DONATION DUE TO VIRUS CRISIS)

Consultation over the phone

Arram offers this valuable service to clients who have a problem that they cannot resolve on their own or cannot wait till their next appointment to seek help. They can phone Arram and he will assist them to resolve the problem. If Arram is not available he will be in contact as soon as he is available.

Charges for this service by DONATION, with donations made before the appointment commencement.


E mail or phone Arram to see if you qualify for FREE concessions.

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