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If you are interested in Healing here is a chance to have a peep at little cost. If you had sessions with Arram this is a good opportunity for you to review techniques learnt. Your order will be delivered by link via email within 48 hours.


Code 001 The 10 spiritual Laws 7.33 mins . Living by the Laws will keep your vibration and frequency high ensuring abundances in every area of your life
Code 002 Reality is meaningless waiting for you to give it your meaning. 5.mins. Reality is really neutral waiting for us to give it our meaning and it becomes our truth. We create our reality according to our perceptions and it becomes our beliefs. We can change when we are awaken and not stick to old beliefs which keeps us prisoners.
Code 003. Every moment you are at your best 11.10 mins. At every moment you are the best of you and that you are changing every moment to moment. Everything is in the HERE and NOW and you can choose your reality Why choose a negative one?Become good story tellers as everything is an ILLUSION.
Code 004. Workshop. Pain & How to Heal 12.37mins. Arram explains what are symptoms of illness means from an energetic point of view. How we create more and more of it and also shows how we can also reverse the process when we understand that we are the cause of it.
Code 005. Live Healing Session 13.39 mins. Arram demonstrates how pain gets built up and the do's and don'ts in dealing with pain. How to reduce and heal your own pain. Principals of healing shared
Code 006. Your mind can transform your body 25.37 mins.(FREE) (£0.01)
Code 007 One on One healing pain. 12.13mins. In this session you see an in dept healing modality . Step by step the client becomes pain free.
Code 008. Healing Pain with Humour 23.50mins. Arram uses a different technique using humour in healing pain. He teaches client to shift through alternate parallel realities within minutes there was relief.
Code 009. Pain relief from 20 years old back ache. 5.04 mins. Pain is alaways there, however if you shift from that frequeny in the pain body, you are then relieved of that pain. With practice over and over, one then have their own "pain Reliever"
Code 010 Emotional & Trauma Healing 27.54 mins. Another live session. Arram facilitating the client through old traumas and freeing the past from the present releasig the client from pass emotional pain .
Code 011 An insight at Parallel Realities 13.04mins. Arram explains the existence of parallel realities and there is only the HERE and NOW. Past and Future are illusions. 13.04mins.
Code 012 Stop buying their HYPE 10.28mins Arram explains of the hype and how the public buy into it because of their lack of self worth.
Code 013 Dealing with Cigarette Addiction .Arram demonstrates how to deal with addictions with his simple powerful method. He helps releases the past that caused the addiction.
Code 014. 3 days after Addiction Session on cigarettes10.25mins. Herietta reports back after 3 days. .She realizes she has no real craving for it.
Code 015 Changing your story alters your state of mind. 15.51mins. Our negative beliefs structure keeps us stuck
Code 016 Another perception on Death. 12.40mins .When one understands about the physical death, one would be only too please for the soul to journey on, having had the pleasure and love of their company.It is just doorway into another dimension.
Code 017 Stress Meditation 6.02mins. This video has been carefully tuned to a energy frequency. By following Arram's lead, you will be shifted to the NOW and experience total calmness.
Code 018 Moment to moment you are a different person. 11.29mins.
Code 019. Arram explains deeper levels of his teachings. 33.14 mins
Code 020 Anxiety,Mantra & Beliefs 13.03 mins

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