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"It's OK NOT to be OK " by Arram Kong is Published by
A Kong Publishing, 1st Edition June 2006.
154 pages in paperback.

ISBN 978-0-9552862-0-9


£3.00 FOR E- BOOK.

Please note that ALL proceeds of this book are going towards funding of a healing centre for the needy and under privileged who cannot afford therapy.

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Depression, grief, anger, fear and hate are familiar words to most people, but here is a simple way to come to terms with these feelings. ‘You are the product of all your past experiences and if you are not happy with who you are then all you have to do is take the first step to change’ - Arram Kong. That first step is to pick up this book and start reading.

It’s OK NOT to be OK is a powerful self help book based on Arram’s research and successful experiences with his clients. He explains in simplistic terms of our early beginning; how our parents/guardians moulded us into the person we are today and how we inherited the majority of their beliefs and behavioural patterns.

This book portrays an alternative perspective about life and explains why ‘We are first Energy Beings rather than Humans,’ and the process ‘Energy Follows Thoughts.’ These provoking statements are explored to a conclusion that ‘We become what we think!’ It explains how we live in either the past or in the future but rarely in the PRESENT causing us to become dis-eased. The reader is encouraged to live in the “now-here” as they are going “nowhere”.

The book teaches us to deal with physical ailments and painful emotions and how to become consciously aware of our feelings. Techniques and strategies are taught to neutralise painful emotions and to encourage healing. The easy to follow and carefully planned steps described, make happiness an easier goal to attain.

Practising the skills within this book will take you upon a journey of self-realisation that will lead to a happier and more fulfilling life. This book has a message. It will arrive into your life at the precise moment you need to understand its message.

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Extracts: "What happens when your energy runs out?"

The sad fact is we probably give more attention to our cars than we do to our bodies. If there was a red light blinking on the dashboard in your car or you heard something rattling in your engine, you would take time out to have it looked into. This is because you know from experience that if you ignored the “symptoms” the car is likely to eventually break down and not work. I wonder why the majority of us will not take time out for our bodies? Quite simply it is because we do not value our bodies and do not consider them important enough. We fail to love our body and so ourselves. We are not appreciative of what the body does for us on a daily basis. We are not aware of the body’s workings and assume that it works without needing any proper maintenance. Again, this is just ignorance as we weren’t programmed to look after our body.

In conclusion of this chapter, again I will remind you that all body parts are subject to the “energy-follows-thoughts” process and are closely connected to our emotional thoughts and feelings. Through constant abuse of the system, disease will eventually reside in our body’s organs. The good news is we do not get ill over night. It takes many years for the system to break down. The very good news is you can begin now to reverse the process.

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Arram believes strongly in the value of his book that can bring to your life and those around you, and is prepared to refund the cost of the book to you if you can honestly say that you have not benefited, in anyway, from reading it. Refund of £6.49 is only applicable when books are purchased from this website. Books purchase from book shops or third parties donot qualify for refund.

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Arram Kong’s book reaches the parts most other self-help books don’t reach. As a Complementary Therapist myself I have read very many such books in the process of my own development, and in the search for uncomplicated books which really do provide worthwhile self-help, to recommend to my patients.

This little book is a gem.

What is different about Arram’s book is that it begins with an objective overview of his own experiences and goes on to outline processes he himself has tried and tested and found to work for him, but he is also speaking from years of experience working with clients. However Arram does not get carried away trying to blind his reader with complicated systems, or with profundities, which lose you along the way. His writing is very endearing from the first page, and he holds his reader’s interest all the way through. A sound and very attractive wisdom leaps from the pages – so much so that I was unable to put the book down until I finished it.

This is a book I shall most certainly be recommending to my own clients. I shall re-read it myself many times. It is refreshing in its great simplicity and I applaud Arram’s honesty and warmth.

I am a wiser person for having read this book. What a joy to find it – it’s like an oasis – you want to keep returning to drink.

Gillian La Haye
Complementary Therapist
June 2006,

Dear Arram
I’m reading the book now and I think it’s really, really good. I love the way you have written it, and the gentle way you have of encouraging people to get their life in order. I’m an EFT teacher, practitioner and author of a best selling book, and I can really see how the breathing techniques will work in with that. In fact, I’m going to be practising it myself (and did so this morning). Your book seems to bring together, in a simple, profound and easily understood way, all of the ‘how to get your life together’ wisdom. Congratulations. It’s a great book.
With love
Catherine O’Driscoll

EFT Teacher, Practitioner & Author
August 2006


Dear Arram,

Thank you for writing such a wonderful book. Although I am familiar with some of the ideas contained within it, your book has helped me to "fill in the gaps". Through your teachings I now have a greater understanding of so many things. I look forward to incorporating these ideas into my work and in my own life.

Thank you again and very best wishes with your venture,

Robert McKinnon
Hypnotherapist, Notts & London
[email protected]
August 2006


Dear Arram

I have just finished reading your book, ‘Its ok not to be ok’.
Wow…a great read. It truly connects to where I am now as a Buddhist, Homeopath and EFT user. It seems to me that what you have done so brilliantly is to bring together all the principle ideas and thoughts to be found in many different places into one understandable and manageable read. It has really helped me to clarify my thoughts. Thank you for that.
It should be recommended reading for anyone starting out on a journey to self-healing from an energetic and spiritual perspective.

Consequently I have been recommending your book to many people who I feel need to read it right now.

With best wishes and our continued support.

RJ Downing
[email protected]
July 2006

Dear Arram

Thank you for sending me your book. I enjoyed it, so much so that I haven't quite finished it yet , that's right I got as far as the healing tapping chapters and my friends in my meditation group keep borrowing it although I tell them to buy a copy for them selves ,as I’m sure it will help them immensely along their spiritual journey ,on reading the book for my self I felt it very moving and very real as your experiences are close to mine in our journeys and I’m sure I will be better able to explain things in a different way to my pupils. Thanks again Arram. You are a true inspiration to all beings travelling this path we have chosen

With regards, love & light
Graeme Near
Reconnective Practitioner, Melbourne Australia.
[email protected]
August 2006

Hi Arram,

I finished your book 'It's OK Not To Be OK' this week and I am emailing with feedback as promised. I have only good things to say! I particularly like the fact that you have been so open and honest about your life and the path that brought you to where you are now.

On a personal note, I am a Stress and Confidence Coach, an EFT practitioner and a Reiki Master. I have to say I have been struggling recently with my own fears and self doubts and holding on to old 'stuff' even though I try not to! This was the right time in my life to read your book and since doing so I have a sense of calm and feel much more able to let go of 'what is'. I feel I have more personal work to do so I am about to read the book again!

The great thing is I feel that anyone starting out on their journey of change would be able to pick this book up and be able to understand what is happening and why. It is jargon free and reader friendly and still packed with help and guidance in a non preaching way. I have read many books and some resonate with me more strongly than others and yours is one of them. As you know I have already recommended it and will continue to do so! It is a winner and I am so pleased I did not delete your email!

l wish you continued peace happiness and success.
Warm wishes
Amanda Wyatt
[email protected]
August 2006


As a holistic person who later qualified as a therapist, I believe that 75% of the diseases are stress-related. The people I treat present themselves with various physical symptoms when they come to see me. Most take medication to ease the symptoms of their conditions, but they often tend to overlook the real reasons for having that particular condition in the first place. I tell them to look deep inside themselves for answers to their difficulties. Most importantly, I tell them that when born, we are all ‘in balance’. But through false conditioning and abusing our mind-body-spirit, we find that one day we are out of balance, hence ‘dis-eased’. I always advice them to take charge of their own health and live a harmonious life. However, I was finding it difficult to summarize in the short spade of time I spent with them the ways in which they can have a more peaceful and fruitful life by simply starting to love themselves unconditionally. Until I came across Arram Kong’s book ‘It’s OK Not to Be OK’.

This small book is full of big thoughts, which I am sure everyone will find pieces of their own beliefs and behavioral patters while reading. Arram’s sincere style of writing makes you feel as if he’s right in front of you listening and talking to you. Unlike all the ‘guru-talk’ books, there are real people and real case studies in the book and the author actually goes through with them all the techniques described, so the ideas do not float up in the air leaving the reader not knowing how to apply them. This is coupled with Arram’s own true account of his journey of self-realization, which is very inspiring.

The book has many interesting sections, all of which are short, can be read independently and (for a time-constrained mother like me) so easy to pick up again where you left. To give an example, in the section on Energy Management Arram explains how to become aware of energy draining habits like judging others and comparing them with ourselves, constantly needing to be right and to prove a point , trying to change others and many more. Once you realize that ‘you become what you think (in other words ‘Energy Follows Thoughts’) you will not want to waste your precious energy on living your life according to other people and will get rid of your F.E.A.Rs (false evidence appearing as real).

I will highly recommend this book to my clients and everyone else wanting to take that huge step to face their challenges, put the past behind and lead a stress-free and happy life in the future. Don’t expect it to give you a quick answer to the ‘meaning of life’ question, but it definitely starts the process of finding yours by asking you the right questions.

Ilgin Yorulmaz
Holistic Therapist (Massage/ Diet & Nutrition, ITEC dip)
[email protected]
June 2006

It’s Ok not to be OK

Thank you and well done Arram. As an EFT, NLP and Reiki/Energy practitioner I found the book to be a profound message of re-assurance to therapists and it will be an excellent aid to clients seeking help and support in their quest for healing. I echo the testimonials of the other therapists and completely agree with their reviews of Arram’s work. The book is written in clear language that any layman can understand and I will be recommending the book to my peers and clients alike. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to support Arram’s future aim of opening a healing centre for the underprivileged.

Bless you Arram

Michelle Newton
Complementary Therapist
July 2006


Arram Kong’s book is a refreshing, tantalising recipe for life. A book so moreish, you won’t want to put it down. A blend of the finest ingredients explained with true simplicity. Medicine for the soul.

This book teaches self-acceptance; it teaches us to acknowledge the essence of our true beings. Once we can accept ourselves, we are then able to deal with any negativities holding us back. Self-help techniques for overcoming any difficulties or negative traits are explained in a simple step-by-step format. This book is a recipe to delight the soul.

Eileen Richardson
Spiritual Astrologer
Astro [email protected]
July 2006


About It`s OK not to be OK.

I found the book to be very clear and inspirational with practical exercises that can be performed easily and that are very powerful.
I liked the fact that the book is down to the point and it is obvious that it reflects years of experimenting with different healing techniques.
I am a healing practitioner and I believe that It`s OK not to be OK is one of the most helpful self-book I have read.
It is also easy to read and anyone can certainly benefit from it.

Luca Occelli
Reconnective Healing Practitioner
[email protected]
June 2006

Dear Arram,

I have finished your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I already knew about the EFT technique but it is always good to have the input and experience of other practitioners. I liked the practicality of your book and the simplicity of the exercises. The similitude between your life experience and what other people may go or have gone through will allow them to understand the spiritual awakening process that is happening to them. Understanding brings acceptance. I will not hesitate to recommend your book to anyone. Wishing you success, love and happiness and all the best. God bless you.

Sylvie LENOIR, Reflexology, Vibrational Medicine, Health Dowsing
[email protected]
3 Brookend Street
July 2006

It’s OK not to be OK
I have known Arram for nearly eight years and reading through his book I find that this is the most powerful thing he has done to date. He has put the words in a simplistic way, easy to understand and gets the message across. His honesty about his life relates to many other people who in turn can take comfort that they can also be healed with time and patience. Although I have read the book once, I will surely be reading it again albeit sometimes part of it, but certainly a Bible to refer to.

I have no hesitation in recommending "It's OK NOT TO BE OK” to clients and anyone else I feel can benefit from it.

Neelam Sharma
Holistic Therapist
[email protected]
July 2006

1stMarch 2006
By Kirsten Burns, Editorial Coordinator
Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc. Pittsburgh. USA

“It’s Ok Not to be OK,” written by Arram Kong, is an intriguing work, which offers several cogent theories regarding the origins of common psychological maladies that afflict those of all cultures and races. The author encourages the reader to reflect on their childhood experiences of consuming hundreds of hours of watching television to perhaps understand the nature of their dissatisfaction and angst regarding their adult lives.

The images and messages absorbed during those most impressionable and formative years left the viewer with the sense of not being good enough in their present state and that only through the acquisition of the goods heavily advertised would personal satisfaction be gained. As most have experienced, the need to have what “all the cool kids have” is a crucial element of social acceptance among children and teenagers.

The author makes a strong case that this misguided philosophy remains with us as adults in our quest to achieve financial and material wealth at the expense of our mental, emotional physical health. A cursory look at the legions of people who either seek professional therapy or happiness through the effects of illegal substances could lend credence to this theory put forth by Mr. Kong.

In addition, the author is a staunch proponent of energy medicine. Explaining in thorough detail, Mr Kong describes the theory that we are all comprised of energy, which is the driving force of our existence. When we are ill or unhappy, the key to regaining mental or physical health is learning how to tap into this energy and apply techniques by which we can become healed. Providing evidence for this theory greatly augments Mr. Kong’s credibility, which is a major component to the effectiveness of this work.

Composed primarily in captivating narrative, the text flows at a brisk tempo. The author presents the work in a professional, well-organised fashion. His theories are well supported and the language is neither overwhelming with technical terminology nor tedious in nature. The author’s ability to convey these thoughts in an entertaining and informative format should maintain the reader’s interest throughout.

Arram Kong’s conversational style of writing combined with his years of experience and research pertaining to the subject matter could further enhance the appeal of this work.

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