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13th December 2018 
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For you to experience the first 4 weekly materials to prove to yourself that changes are possible


Creating Abundance in " every area" of your life

Designing the life you choose........creating Heaven on Earth not the opposite

Learning to "Heal" yourself at all levels" and help others heal if you choose to

Understanding that everything is energy and frequencies first and being manifested into the physical worlds. What Energy Healing is. There are so many different labels to it and I want to clarify what Energy Healing is from my view.

Observing yourself on a conscious level from moment to moment enabling you to make better choices and have a fruitful and balance existence. Learning what living in the NOW means, understanding there is only the HERE and NOW, and knowing that the physical world is really meaningless waiting for you to give it your meaning and then it becomes your reality.

Having better relationships knowing that everyone that comes into your existences is in an agreement with you and that every relationship is the right one at the time. Understanding that everything you encounter is the precise situation for your growth There are no accidents.

Understanding how relationships mirror who you are.

Understanding what the 5 Basic Laws of the Universe means and how it moulds our lives either in a positive or negative way.

Be able to change and shift at your "will" creating the reality of your choice.

Learning to let go of expectations and control and trusting that everything is already perfect.

Eliminating fears from your life and understanding that there is no such thing as fear. It is all an illusion (False Evidences Appearing Real).

Knowing that you are really OK at all times................this is going to be a challenge for you until you do the course than your motto will then be

"I am always OK"


This course is based on my own experiences over the years and has been designed to develop greater awareness and understanding of yourself and enabling healing yourself. Including learning how to look at things from many different prospective and creating the realities of your choice.

You will receive weekly e-mails providing with you precise instructions for daily exercises. They won’t be time consuming but as this is an awareness program training to know about your thoughts and patterns...... 24/7. In the past these patterns would have been labelled as unconscious behaviours. When you follow and apply the methods shared to your daily life you become conscious and are totally in control. You realise that you always have multiple choices. New positive behaviours will become part of your daily routine. All of a sudden you become LUCKY.

It makes you aware of the "chatter box", that voice that talks in your head. You learn that you are not the chatter box, or the personalities you are accustomed to acting your life out. You learn to break out of your old patterns becoming aware of your true self.

You will be encouraged to keep a journal noting all of your daily experiences and how your awareness changes. Over time this will show how far you have come in dealing with repetitive events. It will show that you are able to change your choices instead of just reacting.

There is a forum on What's App for you to exchange views with other like-minded participants. This part is also important as you will learn to express yourself and interact with others. Arram will also be joining in the discussion sharing his views and advising when necessary.


During your six month's training you are able to live in an existence of joy and excitement and know more about your " TRUE" purpose. You will be able to access many of the unseen worlds, channelling your guides for self and others whilst downloading information from the universal library (The "Akashic Records") whenever you need information.

You will definitely prompt change in others being the real you. They will notice the differences and become like you if they choose to. You will understand the purpose of your journeys and theirs, and able to allow others to be who they choose to be knowing it is their choice on a higher level.

Upon reading your journal after the six months, Arram will make a decision as to whether you are eligible to be a Practitioner should you wish to be. To be a practitioner you will need to submit your journals monthly for him to monitor your progress. There will be an interview, fees and terms and conditions to be agreed upon should you choose to pursue a new career.

Personal Investment:

The course is extremely affordable. You can choose 6 monthly payments of 40 a month or a one off payment of 200. You will also need to commit your own personal time to work on yourself consciously. You get one on one free SKYPE/ZOOM consultation once every moth with Arram if needed. Also there is a Zoom video Group meeting periodically where Arram will be hosting and answering questions from the group.


For you to act every moment of your life out in a manner that ..... "I am always OK, life is exciting,
I love being who I am . I am soooo grateful being alive".

To make this world a better place by being who we really are leading by example.

For you to be able to access what Arram is able to do now and be like him NOT follow him

To have as many practitioners out there sharing this information to the world.

There is no other course out there like this one. This is a fact. You can arrange a Skype/zoom conversation with Arram before committing.

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