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June 2021
I recently completed the Energetics Teaching course taught by Arram and it was the best decision I made to be a student on this course. Arrams teachings are so simple it is unreal, we as humans can make our lives so complicated but after doing Arrams course I can honestly say my life has evolved.

The constant reiteration of the 5 universal laws was central to this course and to living a new way of life. The course freed me from my chatter box mind, and I learned through the 5 universal laws that we are taught that nothing is real until you give it your meaning in other words you have the choice to create your reality, you are indeed the director. The 121 sessions you receive on this course I have to say are mind blowing after every session an enormous weight is lifted because when you talk about your so-called problems Arram teaches you the importance of changing the story so the problem you think you have is in fact not a problem.

You are on the course with a group of fellow students, so you are on this journey together. If you want to live a fulfilling life and want to learn to live in the now, I highly recommend you take Arrams course you will not regret it.

Thank you Arram xoox
Zena, Clapham, London UK

June 2021

I recently finished Energetics Frequency Intense Teachings Course. It was an incredible experience as when you learn the tools and ways to teach others - you also deepen your knowledge and confidence in Energetics Frequency modality which has changed my life. Tools are powerful, transformational and advanced. Teachings are not like any other modality in the mainstream healing methods. You will be surprised how teachings course can accelerate your knowledge and your own transition. You learn hands on and practise with other students to help a client to shift quickly and permanently. Arram helps and supports you to reach results and is very keen on you to realise the powers of Energetics Frequency. He has helped thousands of students throughout the World and is very passionate in teachings.
I have learned from Arram a profound knowledge and an experience at the course was incredibly transformational for my journey and my own practise.
Anna USA X💓

May 2021

I wholeheartedly recommend the Energetics Frequency Teachings course to anyone who wants to transform their lives.
Arram teaches you a new way of living where you can create heaven on Earth if you are willing to put the effort and apply his Knowledge and techniques.

He will show you who you are base on five basic Universal laws, that we are the creators of our own reality and the only ones who can transform any so call "negative " reality into a more positive one when you change your story and the meaning of any situation in your life.
Arram has been my mentor for the last 4 years and my life has transformed immensely for the better and with the course even more, I have realized that only if I change everything will change and I can live in my preferred reality ,I feel very confident and empowered in every way and face any situation in a joyful way and to pass this teachings to others.
Arram is an mission of transformation to free humanity of pain, emotional or physical and he is always available and willing to help,
I am very grateful for this new me thanks to Arram💖🙏🌟

May 2021

The EFT course for me was very upbeat. In a short space of time, I learnt so much. Arram’s teachings are simple, easy to understand and yet so powerful. Since completion of the course I now find that ‘negative’ situations which would take me days to heal, now get resolved in some cases immediately and some matter of hours which is so amazing. And I love how Arram introduces humour into every aspect and makes situations so light hearted and no complications attached which for me has made the learning so much easier to understand. The course also helped me boost confidence levels and I feel so much stronger and I now find that I am able to speak my truth without fear.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this course and a big huge thank you to Arram and I would thoroughly recommend it.

Neelam Sharma

May 2021
Recently I took Arram’s teaching course which is called Energetic Frequencies Teachings. Basically his teachings are very simple as they are following the Universal 5 laws. Once you deeply understand the 5 laws by applying 3A’s (another method) you will realize that nothing is real. This course was an advanced intensive 3 months course, becoming a qualified therapist with a certificate (or non certification) when you finished 10 case studies. Although I took the course without a certificate, I found that teaching to others was quite challenging but I could understand more the universal laws. His class was so unique separating small groups on zoom meeting. I have learned a lot from this course especially about myself by writing an essay,
classmates points of views and the experience of the parallel realities etc... definitely worth learning and highly recommend.

Asako Tokyo Japan

May 2021
I’ve known Arram for a long time now. I can truly and become a being that is empowered and self reliant. His skill of spotting energetic patterns that are unseen by the students and therefore repetitive become suddenly visible thus allowing them to disconnect from a disempowering version of them and create a new perspective and adopt a more empowering one is unparalleled.
Thankyou Arram for enabling me to see the beauty within. To also be grateful for all that’s around me and my many experiences that have made me the being I am today.
Highly recommended for anyone that is seeking a more fulfilling life experience.
Thankyou Arram xx
Hanna Putney London

Jan 2020
I am enjoying this course. Watching each segment is making it more and more clearer about my ability to change moment to moment and therefore, creating my experiences through the NOW. I enjoyed practicing having a conversation with my Self in an old frame. Telling her, “see this is how I AM here, now. So you can just be there and be how you are. Blessings to you. For me, I am not there with you. In fact, I’m not going to be here in just a moment”. I had the most wonderful feeling of delight when I spoke those words. Knowing in the very next moment I was again BRAND NEW! This is fantastic!! Everything is changing. Because ever moment changes. The frequencies are amazing to me. I am thankful for the opportunity to join these classes.

Beverley USA

Dec 2019
I am currently working through the courses, which i have found to be very useful and helpful in providing me with the tools I need to see life and live my life in a totally different way. One that i never knew was possible. Arram's courses are mind blowing. What I love about his courses is that he firstly they so affordable and he gives you the tools to implement the change, you are not dependant on him. He is always available whenever you need support. I genuinely feel more at peace and happier day by day. I have found that I am doing things that I have always wanted to do but didn't have the confidence or kept putting them off. Listening to the videos regularly only for 15 minutes at time and repeating them is so manageable and life changing. It really sets up your frequency for the day. Of course I have my down days but I snap out them so much quicker. This isn't a quick fix! you have to put the time and effect in as well as being constant for these changes to happen and remain. I've been working with Arram for nine months now and I can honestly say this has shifted me to a more positive world. My relationship with my friends, family and partner are so much more healthier and I actual appreciate them. I choose how my day will be. I would defiantly say to give this course a go, there's nothing to loose!!
FK London

8th May 2019
This course provides powerful lessons that help you to heal yourself from past traumas and teaches valuable tools that teach you to keep yourself grounded in the present, You can learn how to free yourself from negative thoughts and feelings and raise your energetic vibration to attain inner peace. Arram is giving a wonderful gift by offering these lessons for free. If you are open to receiving this information you are on your way to a remarkable discovery. Thank you Arram!
Brooke M. USA

14th Feb 2019
The one to one session was mind blowing for me. When Arram started to explain what being here meant, the affects of being in the present moment and the way he explained our experiences I.e. nothing is right or wrong, it’s an outcome, I could not believe the instant impact! I started to feel more and more calmer & lighter through out the session to the point where when Arram asked me to explain the feelings I wrote on the form before we started, like anxiety, worries, stressed out....... I couldn’t. This was because those feelings weren’t present anymore and I didn’t know how to explain them 😊. That felt amazing! Arram mentioned that he noticed my energy levels and appearance had changed, when I looked in the mirror I saw my completion had brightened and I had a glow. I was pleasantly surprised and could not believe it. Wow!! I was lost for words.
F.A .

I’m happy that this had an instant impact on me already and I so grateful that through my searching I came across Arram. Thank you wanting to help and sharing what you have found.

The session felt surreal!

I’m so looking forward to learning more and to the next chapter in my life 🙏

Thank you 😊

LiveYourBliss1 day ago U Tube 14th Dec 2018
Incredible healing work. 👍🙏😇I have used Arram’s healing techniques over last five years and it really shifted my whole perspective on healing and also changed my life. I have travelled to explore other different modalities out of curiosity and interest but Arram’s teachings and healings are by far the best and most importantly simple

Neelam Sharma 2 hours ago from UTube14th Dec 2018

I have known Arram for over 20 years and in as much as I have found his previous techniques very helpful, this is the most powerful with quick results. - Absolutely amazing. I saw Arram yesterday for a healing session and we visited about 3 of my past 'issues' and wow the results were fabulous as when within the session I revisited the issues the feeling became neutral and in fact I felt peaceful and comfortable toward the issue. I have been repeating the positive 'Mantras' that I have learnt, and this has kept me in the present which means calmness and healing. Thank you Arram xxx

"Arrams course" has been an amazing insight into a path to freedom. Sharing within a group of like minded explorers, Arrams support throughout pushes us to break out of our fear constrained versions of reality into a new paradigm. Within weeks we have, as collective, experienced life changing results. Thank you Arram for your important work and making it so accessible to the everyman and woman!

John Davies London 30/7/17

Arram, you must be joking for the price you are charging for the course. It is a gift. Your support alone on Skype is worth more than the course. I am so glad that our path crossed and you have guided me back to sanity. My health is improving, my relationship is good, and life is soooooo exciting. I am so appreciate for everything every day now. Wow is all I can say. I am looking forward to becoming a practitioner to share your teachings subject to your approval of course.
love and light

Hi Arram

Just a short note. Fantastic. You just come up with new teachings at the right time that blows my mind. This parallel reality explanation of our universe just makes so much sense when applied to our lives. It is so clear now and I truly understand my past experiences . As you say there is no right or wrong it is about having the experience. The kicker is I now know that I can create what I want by doing the exercises. Thank you.

Hi Arram

I must say it is an amazing course and keeping us all on our toes. I had lots of tests at my work place for a few months and I went through ok with techniques I had learnt from you previously. But this new course as you put it, its reprogramming us and help us to go through our old patterns and change our life to the next step! Good timing as I am after so much into my personal growth. With the reminder of appreciation and your prompting I feel changes happening after a few days. You always inspire me and always there when I needed your support.

Many thanks.

Arram, after reading week 1 lesson of the course I did feel more accepting of my choice of my parent, knowing there is a hidden soul meaning to it all. Life will ongoing test us daily- so I just want to be able to accept and choose my responses and see the possibilities, the positive and love in it all. The exercises has enabled me to create very positive outcomes in a short time. Can't wait till next week for the next instalment.

Dear Arram

Many thanks for this morning. When I left yours my heartbeat felt smoother and quieter and the pinching pain had gone and has not come back. When I got home I felt incredibly sleepy and slept for about 4 hours.

I will read this over and over as instructed and have been practising being in the moment. I said hello to my tulips in the garden, which were looking incredibly beautiful. I am very grateful for what I have - when I say I love my place in Scotland I mean I love it because it is magical - not because it is something I own. Sometimes when I’m there I just lie on the grass and think how lucky I am and can’t quite believe it. Funnily enough my sister always says that I 'conjured it’ so I guess that it is a physical manifestation of my thoughts. Materially I know I am very lucky. Thing-wise I am very well off - I just don’t feel proud of myself, but I will work on that. You asked what gives me joy and i think the main thing is the earth itself.

I have nice friends and a new baby nephew.I am grateful for that too.

Thank you for your book. Can I give you some money for it? I will start on it tonight.

I would like more sessions but I think I need to get this week over and start to process today first.

Many thanks, with love,

Hi Arram,
How are you? Since our meeting i feel like my eyes have opened, you knitted together many concepts that i was aware of but they were still a blur. I feel alive, electrocuted with life energy, so many things that you said come to me during the day and I am playing with reprogramming.

The funniest one is letting the defences go and allowing everyone to be right, especially now as i'm with so much family so there's old buttons habitual reaction patterns that fire off and i reel it back and have begun practicing allowing myself to listen to their perspectives. They are right and it's teaching us to actually communicate as opposed to dominate.

I want to learn more of quantum physics, the notion of time as non-linear and funnily in my facebook newsfeed over the past few days everything you mentioned pops up through articles or quotes, it's synchronicity!!!!!

I'm curious to know more, it's bringing clarity, ease and enjoyment to this Disney ride. Is there no end to this state of expansion or evolving - is it really infinite? Really anything is possible? To tune into a higher frequency i simply practice being present with all that is and that means acknowledging that all is matter?

If i feel worried, nervous or tense then that is a sign of me not being in the present and the ego/mind chatter is in overdrive? I simply need to challenge the belief that is causing these feelings.

Thank you for checking in and i'm looking forward to next Sunday and learning more.
Kind regards,

When I first met Arram I was very sceptical. I thought he was rude, disrespectful, and arrogant , asking me too many questions and I was in tears and angry with him as the session progressed and was going to walk out and all of a sudden he said to me Why did you come all this way to talk to me? "I replied that I wanted help and I told him I didn't like his approach asking me all those questions" He replied "how can I help you if I don't know more about you".

Seems so logical and when I stopped to think about it, because in the past when people asked me questions I became very defensive, I thought that they were nosy and were looking for information to put me down. This was how I was brought up , my family especially my father always put me down telling me I am no good and I will grow up to be a failure. This has been my perception and all my life until I met Arram. I hated people asking me questions because of what I thought they were go to do to me.

Arram then explained that it is the meaning I gave to things to the external world that caused me pain, and all things were really neutral and meaningless until I gave it meaning. Just understanding this one thing he said has changed my life. Thank you so much. Of course there was more to the session as we worked on them. He gave me so many tools to cope with my patterns. Now, when I am upset I ask myself what meaning I am giving to this moment that is upsetting me and this helps me to change. I am looking forward to learn more from Arram. The meditation that he taught me is so helpful and I never mediated in my life. I cannot thank you enough.

OB. London.

Thank you thank you thank you Arram. You have saved me from the what the specialist have labelled. "A mental and unstable case" Being able to see imaginary things and hear voices that are not audible to "normal" people because they are not hyper sensitive to experience it like me, and has got me sanctioned by my family. I am out now but I have been on heavy medication and always looked like some zombie walking around feeling depressed as no one understood what I was experiencing.

I am so blessed to come across your web site and in that 1st free 30 minutes your words were like music to me. You knew exactly what I was going through and when you explained that there are multiple dimensions that we could access I was in tears knowing that I was not going round the bend. I knew you also could access those dimensions and when you were able to communicate with me at my level I felt so much at home. Now I have to learn to "live" in both worlds. Before I was just freaking out not knowing where I was and as you explained I was going in and out of dimensions (realities) Thank you and I am looking forward to learn more from you.
JJ. London

Arram helped me to wake up to reality and showed me exactly why my life, my 'drama', was the way it was. And he showed me how to take the controls, to detach from the story and how to be happy in the now.

I feel awake and alive. I am in control of my life now, I have learned to access the truth that was always there inside, and my life is changing for the better. Every day I am becoming more and more conscious, and making amazing things happen. The powerlessness I used to feel has been replaced with power. Thank you so much for waking me up.

Jane, London 9/9/15

Dear Arram,
I've been lucky enough to have known you for the past 16 years now.
Over these years I have done all your classes and courses from EFT, Om- img breathing ,clearing the chakras etc as well as purchasing the quantum laser , zapper and colloidal waters.
There were times when I thought you were a strict teacher and I hid away in my illusionary " happy" lifestyle as I was fearful, but you always seemed to have a knowing and called me on the phone saying"what's up?"
Time and time again I repeated my drama to you and usually you laughed and helped me raise my vibration to cope with the next step of my journey.
I knew deep inside that the changes within my dysfunctional marriage would have to come from within and practiced all I was taught , but still kept on giving my power away and fixing others without myself.
The universe finally helped me to get divorced- I'm still going through all the court cases. When I told Arram about the divorce he congratulated me ,and as usual looked at the other side of my "story or drama".
During the stressful court cases I had to go through some painful angio- oedema and urticaria where I had no more skin left on my face and neck as I had scratched it so badly , leaving only blood and pain. Arram helped raise my vibration and asked me "what's getting under your skin?"
He told me to go back into various incidents in my life and invoke those souls and tell them off for " pissing" me off as I had always been a pleaser. Arram laughed and said your condition will have to get worse before you surrender and heal and true to his word, this is exactly what happened in the darkest hour one night , when I totally surrendered to God or my higher self. Instantly the healing started coming in and within a week my skin had healed completely. It was a miracle but it really empowered me that I can heal myself and taught me to have faith in my abilities and not get drawn into the drama of life.
I've always wanted to be a healer and remember the old saying " the wounded healer" ,stating that unless you have healed your own dark side / pain , you can't really heal or empathise with others. I had to go through the dark side to release my fear.
I was then thrilled that Arram was offering a practitioners course and certificate , as I dreamt of starting my own business in healing from home.
This course was super charged and really put things into perspective about creating your reality and not getting drawn into the matrix. However I was still being challenged with the divorce and things were getting very acrimonious.
Just then Arram emailed about his " final" course about creating realities and the synchronicity was that I was also seeing lots of tunnels in my meditations and realised that I had the choice of which tunnel to enter. Luckily I met Arram for a 1:1 lesson the day before a court case and I couldn't believe that this really was the icing on the cake. He taught me about my space of joy and happiness and how to invoke it regardless of what situation I'm in ,as it kept coming back to "I am the creator of my reality."
I practised what Arram taught me in court and voila, I was granted an extension to something I needed.
The universe , however likes to " test" your faith and I was last week put through the worst( or now I see as the best), test In my life as it was to do with my heart and soul- my children, within the divorce proceedings. I was given a nasty social service officer who conformed to a "fathers for justice" movement ,and off course,my ex husband wanted revenge through the kids.
Arram coached me Into turning the situation around by accepting what is and going with the flow - that was hard to do , especially as a mother. Arram taught me about my belief system of being the role of a mother in this life and how those who push your buttons the most, actually love you the most from a higher perspective. I had to go through riding out the emotions and getting them out of my system before going to court last week. Last minute, my barrister changed and rather than resisting it, I accepted it and went into my space of joy and said whatever is going to happen I am in my joy of love and truth. I went into the courtroom extremely calm and when all the drama was being presented , I simply went into my meditation and space of love and joy , as if I was viewing that reality from my higher self. I wasn't even paying attention to the drama in the court room and didn't at all get sucked into the emotional abuse the ex was throwing out. I was in a different reality throughout.
Miraculously the judge spoke all my wishes and my children' wishes and I was granted everything I had asked for effortlessly.
I haven't stopped smiling from deep within, especially knowing that I come from
A space of love and truth.
It's so freeing and just flowing without resisting.
I've become calmer and more softer spoken and feel peaceful within. The analogy is like the pure lotus flower surrounded by the dirty water.
Arram I really thank you for helping me wake up in my journey of truth and love as that is all it is.
The synchronicity has also been that I have helped two people heal themselves and have been commissioned by an amazing spiritual man to paint a picture of his wife. It all just happened effortlessly.
I promised Arram that I would write a testimonial only after I could prove to myself about last week's court case. The energy shifts are instant and you can change your reality moment to moment if you follow what Arram has taught you.
I still don't believe that this was his final teaching as I'm sure he will be teaching me when he is 130!
Gratitude and love to you Arram and beautiful Josie as behind every successful man is a great woman.
Love, light and blessings
Niva xx

Dear Arram
Sunday was mind blowing. I have been under your guidance for the past 12 years, and never did really understood the importance of meditation. I suppose I am one of those people that like to do it their way, editing your wisdom to suit my ways and I know that from working with the group and with you on Sunday that I have cheated myself of so much.

Thank you for creating a safe space for all of us and allowing us or at least me to the experiencing of the unseen worlds, the other realities. I am now beginning to understand that "reality is an illusion" I saw things in the room, heard things that under normal circumstances was not visible, I know that you helped us shift our frequencies and that gave us a peep into other frequencies beyond the physical. The most amazing part was the deep silence that I experienced and also able to see shapes shifting in the other participants, one moment the physical body was there and next they changed into something else and this went on for a few minutes which was explainable.
I will now take your wisdom away with me and learn to surrender to something that is greater and now I understand why I struggled so much. You always said that the organic brain is for the physical world and cannot make sense of the unseen and I now understand. One need a different way of journeying there and that is like you say through non thought and meditation.

I will keep up the mediation daily and give you my feedback. Once again thank you for being so patient with me. I know I drive you mad something with my questions and you have always been very caring. I look forward to our next meeting with you and the group next month.
Love J. London

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